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Tracking the cost of shopping cart has never been so easy

Shopping Cart Tracker is the iPhone App that can help You to control the cost of your shopping cart. Custom keyboard was specially designed for Shopping Cart Tracker and has all useful functions: just enter the price, choose of items and press "Buy" button. Entered items will be displayed on the list. You can also track the cost of all your previous purchases from the main window. You can choose different types of currencies including emoji


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Custom Keyboard

With Lightweight and functional design.

Sales Tax

Choose Sales Tax up to 100.99%

Currency List

Multiple national currencies.

Colored lists

Colorful shopping cart items.

List of all Purchases

All your Shopping Carts in one place.

Editable list

Swipe to delete any entered item.

Lightweight Design

Design with only necessary elements.

And much more!

More features in future updates.


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List of previous purchases

Easy track the cost

Change currency and Sales Tax

Detailed view


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I tried the lite version of this app for my typical grocery trip. I'm so bad at adding things to my shopping cart and then forgetting about how much I already have. This app is a lifesaver for grocery shopping! Keeps me focused and less likely to spend too much money. I'll be paying for the upgraded version for sure!

- byPihb22

“Amaizing! This is super awesome especially used as calculator to show customers what are being totaled for their payment. Just hope you can add more calculator functions.”

- Soweic

“Great app! I like it soooooo much!!!”

- Viktoriiia

“Good shopping! Thanks for a good application!! It helps me much. Now I can track my cash expenses, and you know what? I realized that I can decrease my expenses by 15-20%”

- Dmitry Tregub

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